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Taral Industries Pvt. Ltd. – Master Franchise of YES a Product of Pan Parag India Ltd.

Taral Industries Pvt. Ltd. (TBPL) is private limited company registered under companies Act, ‘1956 and factory & registered office situated at 476, Vijay Industrial Estate, Padra Road, Samiala, Dist. Vadodara and involved in manufacturing & selling of packaged drinking water of various sizes as per the B.I.S. standard. TIPL is franchise of YES brand of Pan Parag Ltd. Pan Parag Group is renowned brand owner of Pan Parag & doing huge indigenous and export business over more than 4 decades and has captured huge share in Indian consumer market the country.

Quality of water of “YES” brand is very reliable, pure and safe in nature. The water is drawn from natural under ground, well protected sources more than 130 feet deep and is collected under most hygienic condition at flow rate which does not disturb it’s water table. After collecting water is passing through hygienic reverse osmosis system for improving the quality in TDS (Total Dissolved Solids), safe and hygienic output of water which is passed through Ozonation System as per B.I.S. norms and standard. To ensure consistent and quality and reliability, the equipment’s, pipes and fittings in manufacturing units are made of Stainless Steel S.S. – 316L, Internally electro polished. They are well equipped with – house laboratory for microbiological & chemical testing for stage wise strict, testing and supervision of well experience and qualified team work. Further YES also has full fledge facility for manufacturing “PET” Bottles for bottled water for house consumption. In addition, it also Manufactures FULLY AUTOMATIC, user friendly, Bottle Washing, Filling, Capping & Sealing Machine with closed Filling & Sealing area at Positive Pressure and with UVProtection. “YES” product in factory is bottled under strict hygienic condition to keep aerial, microbiological contamination. In addition the above YES has met essential and best standard of packaged drinking water in beverages market, company has earned quality name and reliability in the consumer field of mineral water. YES is established in Gujarat, Rajasthan, Maharashtra. YES is available in more than 2000 Centers with own fleet of vehicles to ensure the quality of product in transit. TBPL has also started new range of Aerated drinks in flavors of Cola, Lemon, Orange, Jeera Masala and plain soda taste.

Purification Process

Yes is specifically meant for drinking goes through various filtration processes that removes impurities, odor and harmful bacteria even while allowing vital minerals to pass through all the purifiers.

The entire purification involves using physical barriers, filters, electric processes such as UV filters and ozone to provide safe drinking water that also tastes good.

The first process involves softening of the water by removing minerals such as manganese and iron, among other trace metals and other physical impurities up to a certain level of microns from the water.

The second stage involves filters that can remove harmful pesticides and other chemicals including chlorine that might be present in the water. This purification process uses an activated carbon filter to remove such compounds present in the water.

The next stage also contains filters that remove particles of smaller microns before the water is dispatched to the next stage. This stage involves passing the water through UV or Ultra-Violet rays that kills almost all living micro-organisms present in the water. The next stage is the Reverse Osmosis System or RO system that effectively prevents the smallest of smallest micro-organisms and harmful chemicals from passing through. The water is then passed through another charcoal or granular activated carbon filter that makes the water ready for the final filtration and packaging process.

The next stage involves treating the water to another dose of UV rays after which the water passes through yet another filter that removes particles up to 0.2 microns. The last stage of the filtration process involves treating the water with an ozone process that disinfects both the water and the bottle in which it will be packed while also improving the taste of that water.

The final water that is totally purified can be bottled in the required bottle size, which itself is cleaned with steam, and the bottled water is then dispatched to distributors and retailers.

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